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About Negaresh

Negaresh organization holder of registration number 485930 run its activities based on its statute as follow:

Organization subject:

  • Planning and performing non-pyramidal planing according to scientific methods.
  • Strategic planning and performing
  • Non-pyramidal e-business
  • Strategical research and comprehensive planning
  • Improving sale services via providing, creating and codification of traditional and modern structures
  • Market research, market survey and non-pyramidal marketing consultancy
  • Participate in international and internal tender and auction and contract with legal and natural person
  • Get loan and leverage in Rial or other currencies
  • Participate in interior and international exhibition
  • Business consultancy services
  • Great Professional Group

    Through great efforts and advanced training Negaresh gathered a big marketing groups in Iran  with the aim of expanding its group as much as possible.

  • Reasonable Costs

    Reasonable costs and high quality services are Negaresh unique characteristics.

  • Fast and Qualified Services

    Since we believe Time! has much value for branding and success, Negaresh high quality services will be presented in the shortest possible time.

  • No Risk For Costumers

    Negaresh will take the cost step by step and if there was any contradiction according to the contract article, the costumer can withdraw the money. so there will be no risk for our costumers.

  • Continuous Support

    Negaresh support and after-sale services is one of its advantages.

Some of our sevices

Business Consultancy

Business consultancy with university professors and specialists presents Negaresh effective and scientific business consultancy

Telephone Marketing with local accent

We find out accent has the main role in telephone marketing, so Negaresh  strength in this field is using telephone marketers in different province with different accents

Online Marketing in google and social media

Social media marketing in linked-in, Facebook , google+, instagram. pinterest, tumblr, flicker, blogger,…… with special staff to improve effectiveness and costumers.

Market Research in Iran and other countries

Market research means to gather information from target market. market research information along with strategic managers experience will lead them to best deciding results. at first costumers will be known via market research and would be a strong infrastructure to find and communicate with costumers.

Master plan

The master plan is the outcome of numerous business model and indicate an organization mission and vision

Providing business model

Brand name selection

as brand name has the main role in branding, so it should be selected with special considerations. Negaresh will select the best brand name based on scientific and effective methods.

Logo design

your company logo design means your characteristic,designing international logo based on standards is one one Negaresh services.

Site design and SEO

Standard site designing, improving site rank and seo is one of Negaresh splendid services.

Producing advertisemnet clip

Producing up-to-date and professional advertisement movie and clip by Iran best known directors

Investment and Finance

Negaresh organization finance great projects which are on the base of sustainable developement and need finance more than 100 milliion Euros. European investor will finance the projects

Strategic Planning

know more about Negaresh great and professional marketing group